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  • Chinese potted landscape is the site of the 5 th the HuaBoHui leave a wonderful place, covering an area of about 100 acres of flowers for the grand view garden based reconstruction. At present the whole project has completed the planning design and the investment promotion work, all the major project in oct, 2006 officially start construction, to prepare for the May Day holiday KaiYuan of this year. Thank master introduces, Chinese potted landscape is the grand view garden by he personally planning, and ChenCun flowers' world cooperation, and from guangdong, guangxi, fujian, jiangsu, zhejiang, hunan, hubei, Hong Kong, Taiwan and a strong interest in some of the like-minded miniascape artists, collectors form a community, hand in hand together to create China's top desk characteristics. The grand view garden will bring together the Chinese potted landscape various schools, the construction of a number of different styles of private garden, bonsai art development will be proposed to China in the current art achievement comprehensively and systematically the show with friends of collecting. The grand view garden will be a set of miniascape display, exhibitions, exchange, training education, scientific research, the collection, and tourism industry as one of the major miniascape expo.
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