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  • Provincial area green way line 4 throughout China's largest flower wholesale market--ChenCun flowers' world, the real green way into a sea of flowers, to show visitors in shunde (ChenCun) "in one thousand HuaXiang" jiao rong, but also give green way participants with a "car on the flowers, people in the middle reaches of the bank painting" of fine feeling.

    Green word files:

    Located in chencun town, shunde, green way type for city. Area of green way chencun town, 12.3 kilometers. At present the main demonstration area for complete construction tasks. The rest of the area has a green way traffic function, wait for a ring ChenBei bridge after the completion of the pedestrian overpass and area of beijiao green way connected.

    Reporter experience:

    The most beautiful road bike

    ChenCun flowers near the world currently opened seven kilometers green way demonstration section, the reporter found at the scene, the bicycle lane is the most beautiful, except in flowers market of asphalt in red road bike outside, ring dongping river and 1 km more green asphalt road bike, colour chic.

    In addition, in the flowers' world built a perfect function of rest post, shunde green department said the green tao will also for the guangfo both serve the people, so it will be expanded.

    Reporter discovery post rent bicycle are cheaper than public bicycle, 1 hours free, the second hour 1 RMB/hour. And post the parking lot near parking is enough, there are more than 100.

    Traffic TIPS

    Starting from guangzhou citizens from the first fangcun or take a bus to panyu clock village shunde ChenCun flowers' world, can be to commute center after loan bicycle near traveled green way.

    Foshan public can start riding on a ChengBa four lines, 127, many buses, the traffic is very convenient.

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