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  • Flowers supermarket will be the most massive, guangdong throughout the year the flower sale business market, the main distribution sucks, cut flowers, all kinds of top-grade potted flower and garden supplies.

    Flower farewell "DiLan XiaoMai age"

    The personage inside course of study thinks, flowers supermarkets make super stores, marked the ChenCun flower industry upgrading of the marketing channel. In fact, ChenCun HuaHuiYe upgrade has practical significance, in ChenCun, a generation of flowers experience farmers, mostly from "DiLan XiaoMai", ZouJieChuanHu flowers forms of marketing start. Twenty years ago, our country HuaHuiYe has just launched, growing flowers less people, buy flowers have even fewer people, the national hardly a decent flower market. Many farmers are so regrets: "growing flowers difficult, flower more difficult." Ten years ago, the ChenCun in existing industry was established based on the large flowers transaction wholesale markets--flowers' world, the current guangzhou flower world has become China's big international standard comprehensive flower distribution center.

    Along with the rapid flower industry, all over the country has reached 2547 flower market. In these flower market, there are not only professional wholesale market, and retail market, both high-grade flowers, and nursery stock market in distribution center, and distribution in the major cities in the greatly small flower shop. Especially in some developed cities, flower consumption has been increasing year after year trend. In ChenCun flowers' world, volume has reached more than RMB 20, wide variety of flowers products, not only let flowers flowers bring person to enjoy the life interest, but also let the person selling them thoroughly said goodbye to the "DiLan XiaoMai" of the original forms of marketing.

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