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Foshan Curio City
  • Foshan Curio City profile
  • Foshan antique city was completed in 1999, due to the needs of the development of the art market, the government's approval of the project in 2005, with the expansion, now covers an area of 50 mu, gathered much home from home and abroad very powerful gallery, antique dealer, management breed began covering ancient, down to the contemporary famous painting and calligraphy, Ming and qing dynasty furniture, porcelain, jade, miscellaneous, national handicraft, stone etc thousands of high-quality goods.

    Foshan antique city history

    Foshan antique city ChenCun flowers in the world is "foshan new eight sights" one of, is located in foshan beside a ring, to foshan city zen only two kilometers, guangzhou center in the 20 km, panyu ten kilometers, jiangmen 40 km away. Antique city's nearby have osmanthus-flower town, shunde, peninsula on country countless visitors, royal orchid villa, and other large villas, potentially high-end customers.

    Antique city development prospects

    Antique city is located in the city circle guangfo inside, in a city, GuiCheng meditation and shunde border of trade. Foshan multiple main roads are ChenCun through flowers' world, and foshan a ring, Buddha Chen highway, the south China sea avenue (and future huayang lunan delay line), 325 national highway, 105 national highway, extensive bead western fast lines, etc, to reach foshan pearl river delta and the main town all over, is located in the south of the new town of guangfo core position, only 5 kilometers south from guangzhou, the superior antique city traffic to fully attract artists, collectors gather around.

    To improve the grade of the antique city, has built a 3 storey height area is about 6000 square meters of multi-functional exhibition hall, not held various exhibition, inviting the expert to lectures, the exchange...... Diverse activities can make foshan people's culture art taste in more ascension.

    By the end of 2009, foshan antique city of comprehensive reform positive square, hardware the transformation of foshan antique city to look brand-new, development of a higher level, and will better drive antique cultural undertakings development and expansion.

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